The Five Star Scorecard

Dear Healthcare Provider,

As a healthcare practice owner, one of the wisest decisions you can make is to take the initiative to understand your Practice Building Index.

What is a Practice Building Index?

It’s the fastest, easiest, and most reliable tool you can use to: (1) Assess your ability to effectively and predictably attract, capture, and convert more qualified patients into your medical practice; (2) Position you as THE authority and trusted advisor within your specialty; and (3) Help you uncover predictable and sustainable ways of increasing the profitability of your practice.

If these 3 advantages are what you're looking for, then please proceed to complete the Practice Building Index you see below.

Although this assessment takes just 5 minutes out of your week, the insights you'll discover from the "Report of Findings" could impact your practice for a lifetime!

KEY POINT: By taking the assessment, you may also be eligible for a compliimentary Practice Building Strategy Session that will provide you with growth accelerating insights that reveal:

  1. The strengths of your current practice building efforts and how to leverage those strengths.
  2. Where you need to amp up your skills or consider outsourcing with time-proven tools.
  3. What specific action steps you must take in order to experience the ease, profits and fulfillment you desire without changing the way you practice.

Once you take the assessment, check your email inbox for your "Report of Findings" and the steps to take next.

Our intention is for you to come away from this experience with a heightened sense of clarity and focus, more confidence, and an expansion of your capabilities to help you transcend from where you are now to where you want to be tomorrow.